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Other Seasons

Le Radicchie is most visited in high summer, when the fierce sun and spectacular, sleepy landscape make padding around the pool with an icy glass all that a person could wish.

Yet the unfailing popularity of summer is slightly surprising since, from July to August, Tuscany is neither quite itself nor at its best.

Autumn, winter and spring: each has its devotees. Few people long for the Tuscan midsummer once they have tried the verdant, gentler warmth of spring or seen the tawny grapes trampled in autumn. Outside summer, one can avoid the crowds. Tuscany once again seems full of Tuscans -- the proudest people in Italy and rightly so.

So do come and stay at Le Radicchie off season, when it is just as beautiful and rewarding as in high summer - and the rent is reduced! Read on for more about the other seasons ......