Situated within a few miles of the Bodnant Estate, you’ll find the small, picturesque town of Conwy. Towering over the modern high street is Conwy Castle. It’s a great day out so find out more.

Conwy Castle is maintained by CADW, the agency charged with looking after the many hundreds of heritage sites across Wales. Conwy Castle is just one castle that it looks after.

Described as one of the most magnificent medieval fortresses in Europe, a few hours exploring this 700 year old ruin will be time well spent. As well as plenty to see within the castle itself, the restored staircases of the towers also means you can see the breathtaking view from the top.

Like all castles, Conwy was built with defence in mind. Occupying a prime coastal spot, the English inhabitants of the castle would have been able to see any potential attacks from enemies from all around, from the sea, the river Conwy and from the mountains to the south.

Built in the late 13th century by Mast St James of St George, who was also responsible for Caernarfon Castle, it was one of many that King Edward I commissioned. Largely, it’s town walls are still intact with visitors able to walk most of them, giving you a great view of the town beneath.

What else can you do in Conwy?

It is worth taking the time to explore the castle because its history is rich and varied. The castle has yielded many stories and there’ll be more to discover no doubt.

The castle will, on occasions, hold tours and events that encourage visitors to transport themselves to the past. There is plenty here for children to do and enjoy, as well as an onsite gift shop and cafe.

But when you have finished exploring the castle and walked the walls, you might want to drop down in the town itself.

You won’t be disappointed. 

There are plenty of independent shops offering crafts and food produce from across the region, including honey from local hives and quaint shops full of crafts. 

There are also plenty of cafes serving the best breakfasts for miles around, as well as afternoon teas and restaurants that open their doors for evening meals.

There is also Conwy Quay, a popular attraction with tourists who enjoy fishing for crabs when the tide is in. There is also a boat trip that takes trippers out for an hour or so to explore the local coastline, along with a commentary that tells you all about the coastline. 

On the Quay, you’ll find a welcoming pub as well as plenty of quayside kiosks for the obligatory ice cream.

And you’ll also find the smallest house in Britain. But you might have to queue because only one or two people can fit in at any one time!

From the holiday cottages on the Bodnant Estate, it is a short trip to the town, by car, by train or by bus. Check the opening times for Conwy Castle and all that is on offer before you visit. 

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