Our Farms

The Land

Predominantly, the Bodnant Estate is agricultural land. The hills and valleys of North Wales are home to many farms, all nurturing the landscape whilst being an important part of food production in the UK.

Our Farmers

Dotted across the vast acreage of the estate are tenant farms, with our tenant farmers rearing mainly sheep as well as some dairy and beef cattle. Some farms make the most of the land with a small amount of arable farming too. There are a dozen or so farms, as well as a small number of smallholdings that are let out. 


Enriching Bodnant

The Bodnant Estate has always been keen to explore the possibilities that lay within eco-friendly, sustainable farming and long before it was a trend to do so. Raising livestock and growing crops should not destroy the land but enrich it. Farmers are supported to explore new means of making farming on the Bodnant Estate sustainable, both as an income for themselves and for enriching the land in the process.


Sustainable Living

Sustainability is part and parcel of what is done across the estate and not just farming. This includes the practices within Bodnant Joinery, for example, as well as the extensive public-accessed Bodnant Garden and the renovation of outlying properties for use as commercial spaces and rental homes