If you are renting one of our holiday cottages, you would be welcome to walk on over 30 miles of attractive rides and paths through the Estate's beautiful private woodland and farmland. 

The woodland on the Estate is quite extensive.  Most of it is hardwood, and much of it is mature or over-mature.  Some of the woodland is categorised as “semi-natural ancient woodland” (predominantly sessile oak) and has changed little for centuries.  The Estate’s policy is to attempt to manage the woodland more actively than occurred in the past, where possible on a continuous cover basis (as opposed to clear felling).  However, very depressed timber prices and difficulties of extraction make the active management of the woodland quite a challenge.

There are over 30 miles of tracks through the woods and over the farms on the Estate.  Except where there were existing footpaths and bridle paths, most of the tracks were made in the early 20th century by Henry Pochin, so as to enable his mother to drive her pony and trap around the Estate.  

Coupled with the spectacular countryside, this makes the Estate an ideal spot for walkers.

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