Woodland and Timber


There are nearly 600 acres of mostly mature woodland on the Estate. Some of the woodland is categorized as "semi-natural ancient woodland" (predominantly sessile oak), and has changed little for centuries. The Estate's policy is to attempt to manage the woodland more actively than in the past, where possible on a continuous cover basis (as opposed to clear felling). Although depressed timber prices and difficulties of extraction make the active management of the woodland a loss-making activity, the Estate continues to do this to preserve and enhance the landscape for the future and for environmental and biodiversity reasons.


Timber Sales

We frequently have timber for sale on the Bodnant Estate, whether standing or felled.  The Estate is particularly rich in mature oak, which awaits thinning and could be sold either standing (as green oak) or felled.  The Estate also has a number of large, mature softwoods.To purchase standing or felled timber, please contact our office by email [email protected] or phone 01492 650 562

Christmas Trees

We have a limited supply of high quality Christmas trees on the Estate, both mature and approaching maturity. If you are a trade purchaser interested in purchasing Christmas trees, please contact our office by email [email protected] or phone 01492 650 562.  Christmas trees from the Estate are also retailed at Bodnant Garden Centre.